Experience life

at Qasr Al Sultan


Step back in time to an era where it all began…where luxury and Arabian hospitality were one and the same, where visitors from all across the seven seas travelled for days just for a glimpse into the glorious life at Qasr Al Sultan – the sultan’s palace.


EID Celebration at Qasr Al sultan

This Eid, celebrate a spectacular evening at Qasr Al Sultan offering a truly unforgettable experience for the whole family. Reflecting the rich culture and history of the region, guests will be immersed in both traditional celebration and the warmth of Arabian hospitality.



The most splendid part of the sultan’s palace is the mouthwatering cuisine, from every corner of Arabia. With a plethora of live cooking stations, fresh food and the best ingredients, it’s a culinary experience fit for royalty.


Qasr Al Sultan Boutique Hotel to launch 12 Royal Villas in September 2017

Distinctive and traditional in style, inviting guests to live like Sultans. The hotel will also combine luxury and the natural elements of Dubai’s enchanting landscape, within 12 spacious 100-square metre Royal Villas designed to complement the fine dining and cultural experiences that are already available at this bespoke getaway.