Step back in time to an era where it all began…where luxury and Arabian hospitality were one and the same, where visitors from all across the seven seas travelled for days just for a glimpse into the glorious life at Qasr Al Sultan – the sultan’s palace. So leave the busy city far behind, as you enter a world of magic, fantasy and true Arabian hospitality at Qasr Al Sultan. It’s more than just a meal, it’s your glimpse into life like a Sultan.

Arabic Majlis

The bakhoor scented majlis is the perfect way to start your royal experience. Relax on the plush cushions, sip traditional Arabic coffee and try the sweet and juicy dates as you get ready for life as a guest at Qasr Al Sultan.

Souq Zaman

Get lost in the winding sikkas or streets of our traditional souq, a unique cultural experience. Our immersive historical showcase at the entrance will give a glance of the heritage and unwavering culture of our region.

Food Bazaar

Soon, the winding streets will take you to the bustle of the food bazaar, where live chefs at every corner prepare dishes from across the world, including some of the best from our home, Arabia. While you decide where to start, let our fantastic live stage show entertainment enthrall you with authentic pearl diving songs, tanoura, dabka, belly dances, falcon shows and more.

Children’s Playground

Younger guests can enjoy themselves to their heart’s content at the children’s playground, the perfect way to build up an appetite before the feast that awaits!